Generic Cialis Online Supplemented with Natural Cures

When faced with erectile dysfunction, it's perfectly normal for men and their partners to consider natural treatment options. Despite the prevalence of erectile dysfunction, particularly among older men, this health condition is a sensitive issue to discuss, leaving many patients reluctant to visit the doctor.

Although there are several "at home" options that may be of some success in alleviating the troublesome symptoms of erectile dysfunction, can these treatments really help as effectively as a prescription?

Amino Acids

The body's building blocks are made up of amino acids. are the body's building blocks. If an imbalance appears, this opens the door to health problems like erectile dysfunction. There are a couple different amino acid supplements that may deal positive results in men with symptoms of ED.

A supplemental form of L-arginine is available to facilitate enhanced blood flow to the penis. The mechanism of L-arginine creates nitric acid, creating signals to the surrounding muscles around the blood vessels in the penis, telling them to relax. In nature, this amino acid is found in animal-based proteins such as poultry, fish and meat.

While not amino acids themselves, the byproducts propionyl-L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine can be taken in supplemental form in combination with prescription treatments in order to improve sexual performance. In some men, improvement may be seen even without augmentation by a prescription medication.

Herbal Supplements

As the very first form of medication for mankind, herbal remedies can be another line of attack in the battle against erectile dysfunction.

Maca root is commonly taken to increase male sexual function by boosting libido. Ashwagandha is another herbal supplement that may help enhance stamina and sex drive. And bark from the African Yohimbe tree is ground down into powder then encapsulated in order to improve blood flow tot the penis, as well as augmenting stamina and libido.

More commonly, ginkgo biloba seems to promote increased blood flow both within the vessels leading to the penis, as well as throughout the rest of the body. More successful and sustainable erections are possible with improved blood circulation.

Despite the popularity surrounding natural treatments through herbal remedies and supplements, there have been very few double blind clinical studies conducted in order to develop a body of proof as to their efficacy. The FDA doesn't regulate the herbal marketing industry the same way prescription medications like Cialis are controlled, so their safety may not be fully tested in the same ways.

Lifestyle Changes

Another natural approach you can take toward resolving the symptoms of ED is to closely examine any potential psychological stressors that could be contributing factors. High stress levels, emotional upset or feeling disconnected from your partner can all manifest in bedroom performance.

If natural treatments don't seem to help, consider turning toward the benefits of medical science instead. When you buy generic Cialis online, you can rest assured knowing that you're using a safe, effective, and fully tested treatment for your ED.